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PROtektin™ is A patented and clinically proven treatment technology for subgingival biofilm control which can lead to serious dental problems*.

Fully consumable pre and post biotic // non antibiotic // Natural, plant derived, non toxic

ABOUT PROtektin™

PROtektin™ strengthens beneficial bacteria while neutralizing harmful bacteria for an improved oral microbiome. This prebiotic technology is important for all who consume foods and beverages with starch, sugar, acid- which is almost everyone!

Our first application, PROtektin™ lozenges, are similar to breath mints. They not only freshen breath BUT they are also designed to selectively target the root cause of all dental issues – oral bacteria. Designed by a microbiologist for her own loved ones – with research and development dating back to 2010 – the prebiotic technology in pHossident is clinically-proven to promote dental health simply and safely.

This bacteria/biofilm based approach to managing oral bacteria is called SMMRT®.

Simply put, the ingredients are blocking bacteria from converting the sugars, starches, etc. that we eat into acid, plaque and other destructive by-products. It doesn't eliminate ALL bacteria like antiseptics and antibiotics (which can cause microbial resistance and result in an unhealthy oral microbiome). Instead, it influences the beneficial microbes to convert the protein in our diet, which results in a healthier oral environment.


take a look at our NIH study data from 2019*:

NIH Clinical study overview - Infographic - 2020 (1).png__PID:61fa170f-0ec7-49d8-8d4c-d2614c1f9a68
pHossident - Dental Pathogen Burden Diagram (3).png__PID:d3adfef8-c7b8-46c5-8fcd-e150f86af851

Interested in investment opportunities with SMMRT® Technologies?


The opportunities for improved dental health are almost endless!

ALL ingredients in our PROtektin™ formula are in powder form, to easily adapt to various delivery formats. From paste to gel, rinse to irrigant, the opportunities are almost endless.



“For the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease, this may potentially be the magic bullet that we’ve all been looking for”

-Dr. Tom Nabors

“The ability to selectively target oral pathogens is one of the most exciting things I have ever seen in an oral hygiene product.”

-Dr. Tom Larkin

*Individual results may vary.

Daily Dental Care PROtektin lozenges are a supplemental oral care product and are not intended to replace daily dental hygiene practices.

NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.