Fully-consumable technology that fights 

infection-causing biofilms.

Selective Microbial Metabolism Regulation Technology (SMMRT)®

To combat the carbohydrate-driven, microbial-dependent process to rehabilitate oral dysbiosis, it is necessary to leverage an understanding of the importance of carbohydrate metabolic pathways, which gave way to the development Selective Microbial Metabolism Regulation Technology (SMMRT)® since 2008. This new approach focuses on using metabolic influencers to re-engineer disease-causing bacterial biofilms into those that are health-promoting. The purpose being to decrease inflammation and to improve outcomes. It uses clinically-validated molecular nutrition to apply nutrient pressure to microbes in a biofilm – specifically designed to: (i) selectively favor the growth of beneficial microbes in the mouth and subgingiva, and (ii) to halt pathogen growth and the production of pathogenic factors that are driven by sugar fermentation.

This foundation has provided a pipeline of various applications in multiple industries as a safer and more effective alternative to antibiotic and antiseptic methods of bacterial control. The first commercialization of this prebiotic technology is for oral biofilm control in both humans and pets.

pHossident™ - Patented formula in our Daily Dental Care lozenges - neutralizes bacterial acids and freshens breath in humans.

Protektin42™ - Patented formula designed to improve the oral microbiome to promote dental health and fresh breath in pets. 

* White paper available upon request. 

TESSIDENT™ - Patented formula designed to address the root cause of gingivitis. Clinically-validated by the National Institutes of Health - Institute on Aging. 

R&D currently being conducted to expand formula pipeline

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